ACCFL 2011 Awards

Homer Kripke Achievement Award
George A. Hisert and David S. Willenzik received the College’s 2011 Homer Kripke Achievement Awards.

The Home Kripke Achievement Award award is given when the College identifies a teacher or practitioner who has made an outstanding contribution, throughout his or her career, to the law as it relates to commercial finance, and is named in honor of College Fellow Homer Kripke. Prior to becoming the Chester Rohrlich Professor of Corporate Law, Finance and Taxation at New York University School of Law, Homer Kripke served as Assistant General Counsel at The CIT Group, Inc. for 17 years. An expert in secured transactions, Professor Kripke also mastered securities law and accounting, in addition to being President of the Association of Commercial Finance Attorneys, Inc. from 1963 to 1965. Having contributed to the development of American commercial jurisprudence throughout his entire adult life, the College has deemed it particularly fitting that our lifetime achievement award be named in Professor Kripke’s honor.

Please click on links to see a copy of the presentations of the awards to David and GeorgeDavid’s and George’s acceptances, and a photo of David accepting his award (George was unable to attend on the evening of the awards).

Special Service Award
The Special Service Award was given in 2011 to Richard Brown and Gary Chamblee for their leadership in the development of the ABA Business Law Section Model Intercreditor Agreement.

The ACCFL Special Service Award is presented to Fellows of the College who have made significant contributions to the College’s goals by sharing their knowledge and promoting the development and improvement of the practice of commercial finance law. These contributions include developing and promoting the enactment of model laws, such as the Uniform Commercial Code, developing authoritative model agreements for use by practitioners, and significant efforts in the areas of continuing legal education.

Please click on links to see a copy of the presentation of the award to Gary and RickRick’s acceptance and a photo of Rick accepting the award for himself and Gary.