Welcome to the American College of Commercial Finance Lawyers

The American College of Commercial Finance Lawyers is a professional organization dedicated to promoting the field of commercial finance law through education, legislative reform and the recognition of distinguished practitioners, jurists and academics. The College’s mission is to bring together into an association those highly qualified members of the legal profession who, by reason of their character, skill and ability, will contribute to the goals, accomplishments and good fellowship of the College.  The College offers a venue to promote and recognize outstanding achievement and advances in the field of commercial finance law.

History of the College

The American College of Commercial Finance Lawyers was founded a quarter century ago, through the foresight, insight and perseverance of our co-founders Maury Poscover, David Willenzik and Earnest Bland Williams III.  Over the succeeding years, this College has inducted nearly 300 preeminent practitioners and scholars as Fellows and has firmly established itself not only as a prominent honorary society of remarkable collegiality, but importantly also as a learned, active and influential participant in the field of commercial finance law.  And now, through the labors and invaluable recollections of many, the history of the College has now been written and is available for your enjoyment.  You can read the History of the American College of Commercial Finance Lawyers to learn more.  

2020 and 2021 Fellowship Dues 

ACCFL dues support the College services and activities during the upcoming calendar year.  If you are a current Fellow and do not have Emeritus, Judicial, or Academic status and did not yet pay your 2021 dues, or have outstanding dues but wish to be considered an active Fellow of the College, please contact the administrative office for assistance. 

Dues invoices for the 2021 calendar year were emailed in December to all Fellows whose dues are up-to-date. Contact the administrative office if you have any questions or concerns. To pay your 2021 dues, login to your account.

 Thank you College Sponsors



The College thanks the above sponsors for their significant support of the College's mission and programs throughout the year.