2022-2023 Committees

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2022-2023 Executive Committee
Patrick A. (Buzz) Guida, President
Cathy L. Reece, President-Elect 
Neal J. Kling, Vice President
Kenneth ChinSecretary
Kristen D. Adams, Treasurer
R. Marshall Grodner, Immediate Past President

Fellows Nominating Committee (2022-2023)
Reade Ryan (Chair)
Arleen Nand (Immediate Past Chair)
Kimberly Desmarais
Bridget Marsh (Past Chair)
Bryon Mulligan 
Mary Jeanne Phelan 
Paul Roder 
Heather Sonnenberg (Past Chair)   

Officers Nominating Committee (2022-2023)

R. Marshall Grodner (Chair) - Immediate Past President
Sylvia Fung Chin (2017-2018 President) 
Penny L. Christophorou (2018-2019 President)
Norman M. Powell  (2019-2020 President)
Pamela J. Martinson (2020-2021 President)

A list of all past Presidents who are Fellows can be accessed here.

Regents Nominating Committee (2022-2023)
Arleen Nand (Chair)
Elizabeth Leckie
Peter Wasserman 

Grant Gilmore Award Committee (2022-2023) 
Stephen L. Sepinuck (Chair)
William H. Henning (Past Chair) 
John F. Hilson 
Sarah Jane Hughes 
David S. Kleinberger 

Harry C. Sigman Special Service and Homer Kripke Achievement Award Committee (2022-2023)

Three Past Presidents:
R. Marshall Grodner (2021-2022 President) (Chair)
Pamela J. Martinson (2020--2021 President]
Norman M. Powell (2019-2020 President]

Two Regents: [2022-2023]
Douglas Rutherford 
Heather Sonnenberg 

Membership Development Committee (2022-2023)
Marilyn Maloney (Chair)
Kyriakoula Hatjikiriakos
Christina Rissler
Stephanie Stephens 

Scholarship Promotion Committee (2022-2023)
Juliette Moringiello (Chair)
Kristen David Adams
William H. Henning 
Jonathan C. Lipson 

Fred Miller 
Xuan-Thao Nguyen

Technology/Website Committee (2022-2023)
Bryon Mulligan (Chair)
Maria Barclay
Dawn Cica
Patrick A. "Buzz" Guida  
Pamela Martinson 
Darrell Pierce 

2023 Annual Meeting & Dinner Committee (Seattle Washington)

(Committee TBD)

2023 Fall Dinner & Advanced Seminar Committee 
(Committee TBD)